Rescue Our Kids Provides Support for Community Members

As a community member, you can have an impact in the life of every kid with whom you have contact.  A smiling face, an ear to listen and an example of how kindness can overcome negativity and challenges are just a few ways that you can contribute to our kids.  You can make a difference and Rescue Our Kids’ 100% FREE programs are designed to help you do just that.

We Are All in This Together

We are all responsible for creating the future our kids deserve.  They are, after all, our next generation. We need to take action, and we need to start now!  True change is possible and urgently needed in order to effectively tackle the challenges our kids face on a daily basis.

What Kind of a Role Model Are We as a Community Providing?

We live in a different world today. It is our responsibility to protect all of our kids from the negativity and challenges that we and our ancestors have created for them.  We and our ancestors have gone through it as well – a generational hand-me down.  Adults provide the roadmap for our kids, showing them the way to handle everything – communication, relationships, compromise, conflict, and negotiation. What kind of an example are we as a community setting for our kids and their future?

While bullying is a serious issue our kids face, we adults have a bullying problem every day as well. Just watch the news. What has happened to civility? To negotiation and compromise? To positive and productive communication? Whatever side of the aisle you sit on, the leaders of today seem to be more committed to BEING right, than to DOING right.

Together, We Can Change the Statistics

It is time to come together and initiate change.  A critical step is to acknowledge that we must first work on ourselves – gain new skills individually and lead by example, so we can then translate them to our next generation.  We can do this as a community and Rescue Our Kids is here to help. 

At the heart of all the negativity and challenges for us and our kids is the way we think.  Foundationally, we must help kids shift their thinking from subconscious to conscious thoughts, and feed more positive communication and experiences into their subconscious thinking.  The Rescue Our Kids’ courses are designed for that specific purpose.

Next Steps:

1. Watch the FREE Phase 1 Rescue Our Kids Prevention Program for Adults which includes:

  • Rescue Our Kids Prevention Video for Kids

    •  video divided into three short sections ( XX minute)

    • 4 key points and 10 specific steps kids can take to protect themselves

  • Rescue Our Kids Follow-Up Prevention Video for Adults

    • ( XX minutes )

    • 4 additional steps adults can take to prevent their kids’ mental and emotional pain and suffering which occurs from bullying

2. Download the FREE Rescue Our Kids Self-Talk Audio Files:




3. Print the FREE Transcripts of the Rescue Our Kids Video and Audio Programs for Kids and Adults (for your future reference):

4. Review information about the additional, future Rescue Our Kids Phase 2 Programs.

5. Share Your Story and let your successes be an inspiration to help others

Let’s Lead the Way

If we each lead by example through our own thoughts, communication and behaviour, we can more effectively teach our next generation how to do the same!