“Conscious Activation is a must for anyone looking to change his or her life for the better. Dr. Susanne Cohen breaks down a variety of common life scenarios throughout the program, and provides tips on how to get through those experiences gracefully and with a positive attitude. After going through this program, I find it easier to change my thinking in the moment from the negative to the positive, and because of that, it’s much easier to just be happy! This has specifically been a big help to me during the current coronavirus pandemic, because life looks so different from what it did just a month ago. I am home more often than I thought possible with my children and my husband, and the dynamic has changed. Conscious Activation has helped me to see these changes in a more positive light. I have also found value in the Conscious Activation workbooks. One of the first activities, the assessment, has been especially helpful in assisting me to evaluate areas of my life I haven’t thought to evaluate before. I highly recommend this program to anyone, in any stage of life, who wants to feel happier and have a more positive outlook on life.”


-Rachel Madison

Writer and Editor, Austin, Texas

“Dr. Susanne Cohen has been my career and life coach for many years. There have been many times that I have been frustrated with a situation at work or the direction of my career. She gave me encouraging words and helped me think through my problem. She always helps me see my issues from different angles so I can put the situations into perspective. The Conscious Activation Thinking Program has transformed my ability to interact with people and to be more empathetic towards their points of view. She has been an invaluable person in my life.”


-Bryon Robidoux

Actuary, St. Louis, Missouri

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“I love the Conscious Activation Thinking Program. I’ve always been committed to learning and growing throughout my life and have been exposed to many other programs. This one is different and the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s all about improvement, and how you can be better. It makes you think in a different, more positive way.

Most of our society is negative. We need to overcome all of the negative thoughts that pop up all the time. This program helps you change your thinking and develop a much more positive attitude. About life and about yourself. People need to learn how to love themselves, especially with abuse, and this program helps you get there. Our country needs this! In my opinion, kids coming into the world need this. It should be a required course for every high school and college student so they can get a better and stronger start in life. It will actually be beneficial to all people, and even the people around you.

I was able to complete the program on my own time and in the comfort of my own home. The information was simple and easy to understand. It was all online so if I missed something, I could rewind it and review it again. I love the two short audio tapes that I listen to on my phone which provide a summary of the information from the courses. I listen to them every day. We all need that kind of reinforcement daily – big time.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone”

-Gene Clark

Dentist, Centralia, Illinois

“This program is powerful. It’s a true solution that will change lives and help a lot of people. Most people go through life and don’t know what’s driving them. Conscious Activation helps you find out, and then shows you how to shift your thinking so you can change it.

Something was missing before I took this program that was preventing me from moving forward in my life financially and with my relationships at work. I was being reactive and was sabotaging myself. This program helped me to shift my thinking. It has you ask real questions about yourself. It guided me through self-reflection. I wasn’t just watching a video. It was much more experiential to me.

The information presented was very scientific and valid. It opened the door for me to understand how and why I react the way I do. I also understand that I need to use the tools presented every day, just like using a muscle, to make my skills stronger.

At my job, I have been able to bring these techniques to the people I work with – helping them to change their thinking, and we work on it on an everyday basis. Financially, I shifted my thinking from a scarcity to an abundance mentality.

There are so many benefits from Conscious Activation. You have to experience it. From a general perspective, everyone wants to increase their happiness, love, health, success and relationships in their lives. This is a way to experience that and understand it’s not outside of them, but inside of them – they just have to access it.

Dr. Cohen has such positive energy, even when talking about negative information. She discusses many sensitive topics and uses real-life situations. She shows you how to get through an intense, negative situation and still experience joy in life. She also shares personal experiences and stories which is so powerful. I would recommend this to everyone.”


Business Owner, New York, New York