Creating a Positive Business Culture is Important to a Company’s Success

The Way a Company and Its Employees Manage Their Emotions, Communication and Relationships Directly Impacts Your Company’s Culture

Does Your Company Experience Challenging Relationships and Communication Issues in Any of the Following Areas?

  • Within teams?
  • Between co-workers?
  • With supervisors
  • With managers?
  • With top management?
  • Within different departments?
  • With customers?
  • With vendors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your company likely has a challenged business culture and work environment.

Your Business is Not Alone

Statistics prove that numerous and significant challenges continue to plague businesses today.  These issues interfere with optimal performance, productivity, and company culture development, limiting their success.

Traditional Attempts to Mitigate the Damage

To counteract these challenges, companies often invest heavily in training programs, and there are many wonderful business courses and learning opportunities available.  However, the effectiveness of these courses may be dramatically limited because employees are using their automatic, reactive and subconscious thinking most of the time (about 95%).  When we listen subconsciously, we only hear 25% of what is being said, again limiting the value of the courses.

Conscious Activation is a Valuable Precursor to Other Corporate Training

Once your company’s employees have discovered how to activate their conscious thinking, on purpose, and quiet the seemingly never-ending negative self-talk that has historically plagued them, the value of other courses and programs will increase exponentially.


Activating the Conscious Thinking of your business’s workforce is an important first step to shifting these issues and challenges in a statistically significant way.

Conscious Thinking Can Impact Individual Employees and an Entire Business

There is a dual opportunity to activate conscious thinking relative to your business life.

  1. As an employee, you have the opportunity to activate your own conscious thinking in a more deliberate, productive way and take control over your emotions, communications and behavior.  This will put the happiness, fulfillment, productivity and success in your life back in your own hands.
  2. As a business, having a group of employees who are part of a team, division or entire company learning together to activate their conscious thinking will create an advantageous ripple effect.  Developing a combined team effort with a strong support structure can have a significant and positive impact on your company’s culture, productivity and success.

Conscious Activation Benefits

Our Conscious Activation Thinking Program can help you accomplish both – with you individually, and with your entire company.  Here are just some of the benefits you and your company can experience:

  • More positive, happier and more peaceful environment
  • Better, stronger relationships
  • Increased productivity
  • Stronger, more positive business culture
  • More self-confidence
  • More self-control
  • More effective communication
  • Better choices
  • Enhanced kindness

Take Action Now!

We are committed to making a difference in people’s lives and in the businesses in which they work.  Click here now to contact Conscious Activation for a Request for Proposal to implement a customized Conscious Activation Business Program in your company.