Power Thinking
is the Key to Change
and Self-Improvement

For You and Your Business - GUARANTEED!

A Proven, Innovative and Exclusive Solution to Many of Society's Most Challenging Problems

What is Power Thinking and What Does it Do?

Power Thinking is a unique, online/training solution that provides the core thinking skills necessary to drive positive change and improvement, in your business and your life. The online component is a video, workbook and audio-based program which guides people to:

  1. Understand how and why their automatic, subconscious thinking sabotages their ability to make positive changes and improvements, most of the time
  2. Implement the steps needed to make core changes and improvements to their thinking so they can take positive, conscious control at any given moment.


    Our 3.5  hour, online Power Thinking Program provides individuals and employees with power over their choices and free will. When any negative thinking, judgement, intolerance, self-sabotage or lack of motivation pops up, they will know immediately how to take control over their thoughts and intentionally create a more ideal, positive outcome in any situation.

    While the impact is immediate, benefits continue to grow over time. 100% of those who have completed the online program experienced exceptional results.

Power Thinking is Based on Scientifically Proven Facts and is 100% Guaranteed

Science has proven that:

1. People’s brain, belief systems and thought processes were pre-wired based primarily on childhood experiences

2. Individuals and employees think automatically, reactively and subconsciously at least 95% of the time:

  • People have almost no deliberate, conscious control over their emotions, communication and behavior, most of the time.
  • Procrastination, self-sabotage, judgement and intolerance, which inhibit positive change or improvement, are borne out of people’s subconscious thinking.
  • It’s just like Will Smith and his slap heard around the world. He simply reacted automatically, without consciously considering the consequences of his emotional outburst.


Power Thinking uniquely provides the skills to shift negative, destructive, subconscious thinking to more positive and productive, conscious thoughts, at any time. It does not include meditation, breathing techniques or positive affirmations. It consists of a step-by-step, thought based process.


We are so confident in Power Thinking’s virtually universal and limitless reach and impact, we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on our foundational, online program.



The “Problems” below highlight the scientific facts which explain the significant lack of control we have over our own choices and free will:


#1 Problem

Problem #1

Science has proven people have no conscious control over their thinking 95% of the time. People think consciously - on purpose and with complete control - only 5% of the time.

#2 Problem

Problem #2

The #1 foundational source of the negativity and conflicts you and your employees are struggling with every day is the way people think – subconsciously, automatically and reactively.

#3 Problem

Problem #3

Our subconscious is formed and functional by the age of 6 or 7. Our negative, reactive thinking is based upon belief systems that were “implanted” in our brains when we were young.

#4 Problem

Problem #4

With subconscious thinking, there is no analysis, in the moment, of the potential outcome of our actions or reactions. We are simply “reacting” on a moment-by-moment basis.

#5 Problem

Problem #5

Our subconscious functions at a speed that is 275,000 times faster than our conscious thoughts. When something happens, our subconscious takes over our thinking - FAST.

Dr. Susanne Cohen, Founder, CEO & Creator of Power Thinking, is an Agent of Change

Dr. Cohen spent five years of R&D developing the incomparable Power Thinking Program.

She is the past CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company with a 15-year CAGR of 40% per year. She is a passionate, seasoned speaker and company spokesperson. She has appeared as a guest expert on The Today Show, Fox News, The View, The Apprentice and many more. Her product was the 2nd highest reordered item and the 1st SKU to sell one million units on QVC, the premiere U.S. television shopping network. As a past leadership and life coach, Dr. Cohen is committed to making a difference by inspiring people to make significant improvements in their lives, utilizing the biggest game changer available globally today – Power Thinking. Like most people, she has struggled with many significant challenges in her life and became committed to finding a resolution to the fundamental inhibitors of positive change and improvement – for herself, for you and for your business. She lives her program every day.


Power Thinking is Needed to Drive Global Change and Improvement

Personal, business and societal statistics prove the historical absence of an effective, global solution for positive change. Conscious Activation International is a thought-based, behavioral science company which provides that solution. Its Power Thinking Program effectively resolves the root cause of the stress, negativity and conflicts that prevent organizations and individuals from making the positive changes required to drive improvement in virtually every aspect of business and life..


Power Thinking has Received Numerous Endorsements Regarding Key Personal, Business and Societal Issues and Market Segments

These issues and segments include:

-Neuro Socio Psychology   -Peak Performance   -Non-Threatening HR & DEI Training   -Elimination of Negative Relationships     -Trauma Recovery    -Resilience   -Relationship building    -1st Responder Training/Support (e.g., Police Reform/Support – will have a direct, positive impact in their own lives as well as on the people and communities they serve)    -Prisoner Reform    -Resolution of Deep Wounds from Racism    -Solution to the Critical Race Theory Debate   -Many More

Power Thinking provides a world-wide solution and opportunity. The benefits of this core program are cross cultural. Belief systems that either drive or inhibit change and self-improvement may be different in various cultures, but an individual’s negative thinking development process is the same.

Transform Your


Power Thinking Benefits:

The Transformational benefits you will experience with Power Thinking are innumerable and include:










Power Thinking is Foundational to Other Programs
A Competitive Analysis

Based upon information readily available online, an analysis was completed between Power Thinking and (1) the Top 25 Influencers, as identified by Success.com, and 92) the Top 20 Business Leadership Training Companies, as identified by TrainingIndustry.com. To the company’s knowledge, there are no business/leadership training companies or self-help/personal development programs that are competitive with Power Thinking based upon content, claims and benefits. The full analysis is available upon request. Power Thinking will enhance all other skill development and improve the impact of other trainings once the people taking those courses and programs are utilizing their conscious thinking skills. 

Statistics validate that no other existing modalities have made a global, statistical impact, including meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, NLP, breathing, etc. 

It is time to make the foundational changes necessary to improve your business and your life.


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