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We Help Business Owners, Executives, HR & DEI Professionals and Their Organizations Become a Better Version of Themselves By Prioritizing the Way You Think

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We guarantee that your results from an individual assessment or employee surveys will be improved or we will continue to work for free until it is.

Goal of the Power Thinking Program

  • Between COVID and political and social unrest, stress, negativity and conflicts are at an all-time high. As an HR/DEI or other professional, you are tasked with addressing the impact these and other issues have on the employees in your company. This is in addition to whatever other personal issues you may be facing.
  • Most of the time, you and your employees are simply reacting based upon your negative, subconscious thinking which was prewired and preconditioned for you by other people when you were just a young child. The resulting negativity, conflicts and challenges in the relationships and circumstances of your life can steal your joy, peace of mind and ability to consciously create your more ideal future or company culture.
  • The tangible benefits of having conscious control over your own thoughts will positively impact virtually every aspecct of your life.
  • Power Thinking will guide you to transform your stress, negativity and conflicts into greater happiness, peace of mind and productivity, with better and stronger relationships, at home and at work.

The “Problems” below highlight the scientific facts which explain the significant lack of control we have over our own choices and free will:

#1 Problem

Problem #1

Science has proven people have no conscious control over their thinking 95% of the time. People think consciously - on purpose and with complete control - only 5% of the time.

#2 Problem

Problem #2

The #1 foundational source of the negativity and conflicts you and your employees are struggling with every day is the way people think – subconsciously, automatically and reactively.

#3 Problem

Problem #3

Our subconscious is formed and functional by the age of 6 or 7. Our negative, reactive thinking is based upon belief systems that were “implanted” in our brains when we were young.

#4 Problem

Problem #4

With subconscious thinking, there is no analysis, in the moment, of the potential outcome of our actions or reactions. We are simply “reacting” on a moment-by-moment basis.

#5 Problem

Problem #5

Our subconscious functions at a speed that is 275,000 times faster than our conscious thoughts. When something happens, our subconscious takes over our thinking - FAST.

Dr. Susanne Cohen is Our Founder, CEO and Creator of Power Thinking. She is Committed to Being an Agent of Change for You and Your Employees

Dr. Cohen spent five years of R&D developing the incomparable Power Thinking Program.

She is the past CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company with a 15-year CAGR of 40% per year. She is a passionate, seasoned speaker and company spokesperson. She has appeared as a guest expert on The Today Show, Fox News, The View, The Apprentice and many more. Her product was the 2nd highest reordered item and the 1st SKU to sell one million units on QVC, the premiere U.S. television shopping network. As a past leadership and life coach, Dr. Cohen is committed to making a difference by inspiring people to make significant improvements in their lives, utilizing the biggest game changer available globally today – Power Thinking. Like most people, she has struggled with many significant challenges in her life and became committed to finding a resolution to the fundamental inhibitors of positive change and improvement – for herself, for you and for your business. She lives her program every day.


Power Thinking is Needed to Drive Global Change and Improvement

Personal, business and societal statistics prove the historical absence of an effective, global solution for positive change. Conscious Activation International is a thought-based, behavioral science company which provides that solution. Its Power Thinking Program effectively resolves the root cause of the stress, negativity and conflicts that prevent organizations and individuals from making the positive changes required to drive improvement in virtually every aspect of business and life..


Power Thinking has Received Numerous Endorsements Regarding Key Personal, Business and Societal Issues

Dr. Conor Hogan, Neuro Socio Psychologist with Post-Doctoral Studies in Neuroscience and Peak Performance

“Power Thinking is a brilliant, comprehensive, science-based program that guides people to change their fundamental thinking in the best possible way – from negative to positive, failure to success, and self-sabotage to productivity. I fully endorse and recommend Power Thinking. I’m unaware of any other program as wide ranging that provides all of these core benefits. It’s a huge breakthrough in this area and is skillfully presented by its creator, Dr. Susanne Cohen. In my professional opinion, it will positively impact all other skill development in a foundational way, like communication, resilience and teamwork. From the perspective of group dynamics and peak performance, I expect any organization that implements the full program to experience immediate benefits as well as ongoing improvements as their employees continue to practice and utilize these core skills. I believe, truly, that Power Thinking will have an even bigger impact on many of our societal issues because the root cause of these challenges lies in people’s thinking.”

Monica Brown Robinson, HR & DEI Professional

“As an HR, DEI and Career Development professional, I have reviewed, endorsed, and recommend, the Conscious Activation Power Thinking Program. It provides a strong foundation for individual employee development as well as a strong and positive corporate culture. It helps employees understand themselves better and teaches a process to resolve the stress, negativity and conflicts that often get in the way of their productivity and relationships at work. It provides actionable, measurable steps they can take that will drive positive change. These tools help them deal with difficult situations and allow for non-threatening cultural and company exploration. With respect to DEI, unlike other programs, Power Thinking is non-threatening and helps mitigate the harshness of reality and history, so they can become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.”

Jonathan Jones, Vistage Chair

“Dr. Cohen’s program lays a solid, positive foundation for anyone interested in achieving better results in their leadership, career, family and academic settings. It is the essential core to learning lasting, respectful and productive relationships. If these very human tools are implemented, they can bring about amazing and lasting results in teams and groups that utilize these concepts together. Productivity, engagement, happiness and fulfillment can be as simple as changing some of our factory default settings.”

Barbara Rubel, Renowned Complicated Grief and Resilience Specialist

“I highly recommend Conscious Activation’s Power Thinking Program. It provides a step-by-step process that allows people to shift their unhealthy thinking habits to healthier ones through a science-based approach. I was impressed that the program was grounded in evidence-based research techniques. I believe all therapists, psychologists and grief counselors should use Dr. Cohen’s Power Thinking Program to provide a foundation of knowledge for their clients which can move things forward more quickly and effectively.”

Coach Elvin McFarlin, Veteran, Founder of Honor 2 Our Heroes, Head Track Coach

“Power Thinking has made a huge, positive difference in my relationship with my wife. She’s thankful for the new communication and listening skills that make things so much better. This program is relevant to the needs of so many suffering through our current crises. I believe it is the solution to systemic racism and the critical race theory debate. It has been a Godsend to me, and I believe it is going to change the world we live in.”

Jason Palamara, Retired 20-Year NYPD Officer

“As a 20-year NYPD veteran, I wholeheartedly endorse Power Thinking. I truly believe it can relieve the negativity and conflicts that plague police departments and officers, which will have a direct, positive impact on the people and communities they serve. It will certainly help shift challenging situations in a more positive and productive way, and will have a profound impact on our society.”

Dalonika McDonald, Veteran Lieutenant, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

“I fully endorse Power Thinking as the most effective program I have ever seen to support prisoner reform, in both the prison system and parole division.” It is the most powerful program I have ever seen for helping inmates turn their lives around by addressing the root cause of their issues (their pre-conditioned thinking from childhood) and preparing them for their future life outside of prison as “free” citizens and parolees. The program is uniquely positioned to show them how to view their past experiences in a different way, provide tools for them to make positive changes at their core and develop foundational self-improvement skills. Power Thinking can also provide the opportunity for lifers to become Power Thinking experts and role models to other inmates/parolees so they, themselves, can live a productive life and feel proud of the contribution they are making to others and to society. It provides the pillars for a better future.”

Laura Jones, CEO, Women Presidents’ Organization Chair

“This powerful program is a must see for all leaders, management, and anyone wanting a more fulfilled career and life. The concepts and paradigm shifts from these processes are priceless and immediately useful in building powerful communication, collaborative teams, and a healthy culture. The value of this program—if practiced and executed—will make a difference in your organization immediately.”

Denny Linden, Director, National Accounting and HR Firm

This program is a tangible way to build culture and to live the words, not just say the words.

Tessa Greenspan, Founder, Farmer’s Market

“After taking this program, the results were so powerful in transforming my thought processes. I experienced a mindset change that I never dreamed was possible. This is not the typical status quo leadership training; these are concrete methods for real change that are unique and different than any of the other programs I’ve attended. Lots of real-life takeaways that can have a ripple effect on an organization, family, or community. I love this program!”

Chuck Watkins, Real Estate Broker, Business Owner

“I have always been committed to self-improvement and have read a lot of books on leadership. But I have never been given such detailed action steps that I can take to change how I think and react as I was in Dr. Cohen’s program. I feel like I really have control over my success in life. In addition to making a significant difference in how I manage my business, it has transformed how I communicate with my children. What a powerful experience.”

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Power Thinking Benefits:

The Transformational benefits you and your organization’s employees will experience with Power Thinking are innumerable and include:










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