Dr. Susanne Biography

Dr. Susanne Cohen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Conscious Activation International. She has an unwavering commitment to help people across America and the globe live their best life by eliminating and preventing their anger, sadness and fear. She guides people to shift and activate their conscious thinking.

Dr. Susanne started her career as a healthcare professional. When a serious auto accident ended her dental career, she quickly moved down a business path and became a coach, teaching leadership and life skills to help people accomplish their goals. She then became founder and was CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company for almost twenty years. As their seasoned company spokesperson, she appeared as a guest expert on the Today Show, The View, Fox News, The Apprentice and many other national, regional and local television shows and radio programs. She also appeared in numerous national print publications.

After leaving that position, and being well aware that, statistically, our society was in trouble – in families, in business and with our children, Dr. Susanne decided to create courses that would make a true difference in people’s lives. She founded Conscious Activation International and, after almost 5 years of research, she launched the Thinking Program. It is an online, video-based series of courses designed to help people shift their thinking to create their own peace of mind. The Thinking Program shares, in detail, (1) how and why we think the way we do and how our thinking causes most of the negativity and challenges in our lives, and (2) a detailed step-by-step process to shift our negative, subconscious to more powerful and productive, conscious thoughts. When we activate our conscious thinking, we are able to take back control of the happiness, fulfillment, productivity and success in our own lives.

As a seasoned and passionate speaker, Dr. Susanne is available for keynote presentations. If you are interested, we invite you to submit a request through our Contact Us Form.

Dr. Susanne remains committed to making a true difference in the lives of adults and children everywhere. Dr. Susanne remains committed to making a true difference in the lives of adults and children everywhere.