Conscious Activation


To introduce and arm businesses and individuals with the #1 core skill that will help them resolve the source of the negativity and challenges they experience daily.
The ability to shift one’s negative, destructive subconscious thinking to more powerful and productive conscious thoughts. Thoughts drive people’s emotions, communication, behavior and ultimately all of their relationships. Gaining conscious control over one’s thinking is key to creating successes in their work and personal lives.
The process of preparing employees to return back to the office. Power Thinking helps companies and their employees most effectively deal with life after COVID-19 and the negative impact it has had on interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
A program that transforms your employees’ thinking and communication to maximize your company’s productivity.
The Power Thinking Program provides the only foundational solution that addresses the root cause of the negativity and HR challenges companies struggle with every day. It is backed up by 5 years of extensive scientific research and program development to provide companies and individuals with the #1 skill needed for success in business and in life.
$359 billion per year or 385 million working days.
Historically, the corporate training industry has statistically failed to improve key employee and HR challenges. The problem is, none of them get to the root cause of the issues your company is facing every day, including Covid-related issues – namely, your employees’ lack of conscious thinking skills.
Our repetitive, negative, subconscious thoughts, otherwise known as negative self-talk. Scientifically, 80% of all of our thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive. Without strong conscious thinking skills, we live our lives at the effect of our negative subconscious most of the time.
The ability to shift one’s own thinking from negative, subconscious thinking, to more powerful and productive conscious thoughts – on a moment-by-moment basis.

Implement the Power Thinking Program in their businesses.  They have the opportunity to arm their employees with strong, conscious thinking skills to help them protect their own mental health and wellbeing.  At the same time, it will support their evolution into a more powerful and productive company.

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You have the opportunity to arm yourself and your employees with strong, conscious thinking skills to help protect everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. It will support the evolution of stronger, healthier relationships, both personally and in your company.


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