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The Power Thinking ProgramTM has provided transformational benefits for companies dealing with communication, teamwork and corporate culture challenges. It has been endorsed by:

Dr. Michaela Turner


“I wanted to tell you how powerful your Conscious Activation is. The impact that just asking those workbook questions and watching those videos has. It’s got me going in a different direction. I wanted to tell you how powerful it is. It’s making such a profound difference. Thank you so much.”

Laura J.

President/CEO, Clean Energy Company; Women Presidents’ Organization Chair

“This powerful program is a must see for all leaders, management, and anyone wanting a more fulfilled career and life. The concepts and paradigm shifts from these processes are priceless and immediately useful in building powerful communication, collaborative teams, and a healthy culture. The value of this program—if practiced and executed—will make a difference in your organization immediately.”

Denny L. (CPA)

Director, National Accounting and HR Firm

“This program is a tangible way to build culture and to live the words, not just say the words.”

Patty G.

Tax Director

“The courses were presented really well. They kept my attention the entire time. They were engaging and logical. Because of these courses I will have a freedom from letting others have control of me, my emotions and my reactions.”

Chuck W.

Real Estate Broker, Business Owner

“I have always been committed to self-improvement and have read a lot of books on leadership. But I have never been given such detailed action steps that I can take to change how I think and react as I was in Dr. Cohen’s program. I feel like I really have control over my success in life. In addition to making a significant difference in how I manage my business, it has transformed how I communicate with my children. What a powerful experience.”

Tessa G.

Founder, Farmer’s Market

After taking this program, the results were so powerful in transforming my thought processes. I experienced a mindset change that I never dreamed was possible. This is not the typical status quo leadership training; these are concrete methods for real change that are unique and different than any of the other programs I’ve attended. Lots of real-life takeaways that can have a ripple effect on an organization, family, or community. I love this program!

Jonathan J.

Vistage Chair

“Dr. Cohen’s program lays a solid, positive foundation for anyone interested in achieving better results in their leadership, career, family and academic settings. It is the essential core to learning lasting, respectful and productive relationships. If these very human tools are implemented, they can bring about amazing and lasting results in teams and groups that utilize these concepts together. Productivity, engagement, happiness and fulfillment can be as simple as changing some of our factory default settings.”

Bernie S.

Manager, Talent Management

“This program has taught us what to do differently, to get us to where we need to be. Dr. Cohen completely kept us engaged. The time absolutely flew by.”

William B.

CEO, Green Building Technology Company; Supervising Official for two professional hockey leagues

“In professional ice hockey, the environment’s very intense, very emotional, a lot of problems going on. I’m a supervisor in two professional hockey leagues. After taking this program, I was able to take a negative environment and turn it into a positive environment. Players, coaches, referees, general managers, team owners, scouts and front office people, they all noticed a very positive, significant difference as far as communication and as far as problem-resolution. It made a huge difference in the ratings I received. This program works.”


Conscious Activation’s Personal Thinking Program has provided transformational benefits for people dealing with challenging issues like COVID, systemic racism and other past and present traumatic events. It has been endorsed by:

Barbara Rubel (MA, BCETS, DAAETS, Speaker/Author)

A renowned complicated grief and trauma recovery specialist

“I highly recommend Conscious Activation’s Thinking Program. It provides a step-by-step process that allows people to shift their unhealthy thinking habits to healthier ones through a science-based approach. I was impressed that the program was grounded in science and evidence-based research techniques”.

Coach Elvin McFarlin

Executive Director, Honor 2 Our Heroes, President/Head Coach, St. Louis Express Track:

“This program is so relevant to the needs of so many suffering through our current crises. I believe it is the solution to systemic racism. The Thinking Program has been a Godsend to me, and I believe it is going to change the world we live in”.

Dalonika McDonald

Dalonika McDonald

“I was blown away by the program. Especially during this time of COVID-19, you need to surround yourself with strong pillars; and Conscious Activation is one of those pillars. The program re-framed my thinking and that helped me personally and especially when dealing with my co-workers”.
(view Dalonika’s video testimonial HERE)

Michael Park

Business owner in New York City

“Dr. Susanne’s Thinking Program is powerful. It’s a true solution that will change lives and help a lot of people. Most people go through life and never discover what drives them. Conscious Activation helps you find out and then shows you how to shift your thinking so you can change it”.

Dr. Gene Clark

Retired dentist

“I love the Conscious Activation Thinking Program. I’ve always been committed to learning and growing throughout my life and have been exposed to many other programs. This one is different and the best I’ve ever experienced. Our country needs this! It should be a required course for every high school and college student so they can get a better and stronger start in life.”

Bryon Robidoux

Insurance industry actuary

“Dr. Susanne Cohen has been my career coach for many years and her Conscious Activation Thinking Program has transformed my ability to interact with people and to be more empathetic towards their point of view. She has been an invaluable person in my life”.

Rachel Madison

Writer and editor

“The Conscious Activation Thinking Program is a must for anyone looking to change their life for the better. Dr. Cohen breaks down a variety of common business/life scenarios and provides tips on how to get through those experiences with a positive attitude”.


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You have the opportunity to arm yourself and your employees with strong, conscious thinking skills to help everyone protect their own mental health and wellbeing. It will support stronger, healthier relationships and teamwork, and help your business evolve into a more powerful and productive company.


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