Satisfaction Guarantee

Within six (6) months of an original purchase, Conscious Activation International (“CAI”) offers its personal clients a limited 100% satisfaction guarantee on its Thinking Program. This limited guarantee includes the following provisions:
  • It requires any individual requesting a refund of the purchase price of the Thinking Program (“Refund Request”) to provide a specific, valid reason for their dissatisfaction with the program.
  • It requires that such individual has complied with all program requirements, including:
    • Watching to completion all program videos
    • Listening to completion all program audios
    • Full, written completion of all program worksheet exercises.
    • Proof of such completion of exercises must be provided by the submission of copies of all fully completed workbook exercises to CAI at the time of any Refund Request.
  • This Satisfaction Guarantee becomes invalid if any of the previously identified requirements have not been sufficiently completed, to be determined at the sole discretion of CAI.
  • The total value of any refund provided will not, under any circumstances, exceed the amount that has been paid for the program.
  • No exceptions to this Satisfaction Guarantee policy will be allowed under any condition.
  • Review and evaluation of all Refund Requests shall be completed within thirty (30) days of receipt of such Refund Request and a determination will be made as to the satisfaction of such guarantee requirements, or lack thereof, to be determined at the sole discretion of CAI.
  • Notification of the determination of the validity of any such Refund Request shall be made to such individual within thirty-seven (37) days of receipt of such Refund Request.
  • All requests for a refund based upon this Satisfaction Guarantee shall be submitted to
  • Any approved refund shall be credited to the same credit card or PayPal account that was used to pay the initial cost of said Program, within thirty (30) days of approval of such request.
  • In the case of any dispute, the final decision shall be made by CAI at its sole discretion.